TEDxSedona Speakers

Applying to be a TEDxSedona Speaker or Performer

If you know someone who belongs on the TEDxSedona  stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you!

Some of the most remarkable people have spoken at TEDx events over the last 15 years……who are they? Check out these talks, the stage could be yours!

Ask yourself

Do you have a fantastic speaker in mind with an extraordinary story to tell?

Do you know of a performer we just have to check out?

Do you want to speak live at TEDxSedona

If so, check out the TEDxSedona Speaker process below!

What are we looking for in speakers?

We are looking for:

  • never-before-seen presentations,
  • from people who have “Ideas Worth Spreading”
  • You must be able to answer the question:
    What is the Core Idea that you have that is Fresh and Unique to You?

Our audience is NOT interested in:

  • advice or “coaching” about how to live differently,
  • causes or charities looking for support,
  • professional or semi-pro “public speakers” who have given the same talk many times,
  • or personal observations from individuals.

Our audience attends to meet and learn directly from inventors and designers and creators.

Note to publicists or speakers ‘on tour’: Each talk at our events is a unique debut, something new and special that has never been seen before. If you have a “standard presentation”, we won’t be using it. Please make sure you (or your client) has time for a meaningful commitment since we cannot work through a proxy. In exchange we’ll provide assistance with art, content, and delivery, to help craft a stellar performance

How can I sign-up or recommend a speaker for TEDxSedona?

The TEDxSedona program team brings together a wide range of talks and performances. We welcome your suggestions and registration! Do you have a suggestion for the program team? A speaker we should know about? An artist, musician or theatre act that we absolutely have to check out?

Please read thoroughly the section above on what we are looking for and then, and only if you or your suggested speaker fits within those guidelines, please send a summary of your “Idea Worth Spreading” to speakers@TEDxSedona.com.

All suggestions will be reviewed and you will be informed in due course if your suggestion was selected for the event.

Multiple nominations for the same person won’t influence the speaker selection team in any way, except possibly negatively. We review every nomination that comes in, and it only takes one.

When should I sign-up or recommend the speaker?

The TEDxSedona speaker team works with speakers well in advance of the event to help shape a successful presentation. Sign-up as soon as possible! We accept admissions all year around.

Can I suggest someone I don’t know personally? You ask for their email address, and I don’t know it.

Please do! Just let us know how you’ve heard about this person, and why you think they should speak at TEDxSedona.

If I become a partner, can I speak at TEDxSedona?

No. Partnering with TEDxSedona has many benefits, but a guaranteed speaking slot is not one of them.

I want to speak at TEDxSedona, but my usual talk runs longer than 18 minutes. Can I get a longer slot?

We strictly enforce the clock for all speakers. All speakers sign-up to give a compelling 18-minute talk that communicates their best ideas. Our dedicated speaker coaches will make sure you won´t need more time.

Do you pay speakers?

TED does not pay speakers, nor does TEDxSedona. We may be able to assist with travel costs and/or hotel accommodations, depending on how our relations with corporate partners develop.

What are the benefits of speaking at TEDxSedona?

Your benefits also include a seat at the TEDxSedona event and other goodies will include a gift bag, a beautiful program guide with a photo and bio of each presenter, and of course the video will be produced on-line as a lasting testament after the event.

Most speakers will be with us for the entire day of activities, soaking up the inspiration and connecting with other fascinating attendees. We are committed to creating an experience that’s tremendously fulfilling and beneficial on all sides. Other benefits include pre-conference coaching and training, as well as special events for networking. We are committed to creating an experience that’s tremendously fulfilling and beneficial on all sides.

An additional benefit of speaking at TEDxSedona is that all our videos will be reviewed by the main TED Conference team, and the best may be elevated to the official “TED Talks” and broadcast as part of the tremendously popular video podcast series with over 1,000,000,000 views so far.

Offered free to the public, the online TED Talks have proven extraordinarily effective at spreading ideas. Some presentations from TEDx events have had many millions of views on YouTube, and can be a tremendous platform for speakers to increase their visibility.